About EMS Update

Started in 1988, EMS Update has educated and entertained thousands of EMS and Public Safety providers for more than 30 years.

Some Comments About EMS Update 2018

Well informed a lot of information provided when we were there - Wayne

Liked the variety – Laurene

Can't be improved if you continue to bring in quality instructors - James

The keynotes sessions were fantastic presentations on some very relevant, but underdiscussed issues. – Meghan

The highlight of my EMS year! – Jim

For what is incuded in the conference fees, the level of speakers and accommodations I don't think you could ask for more – Nora

The Keynote sessions were spectacular – Sylvia

The conference is one of the most well orchestrated events that our team attends all year (and we are at more that 25 each year). – Ed

I thought it was a very good conference – Ted

All sessions were very good. – Rich

I learned something from every class I attended. The keynotes were very good. – Jim

In all the sessions I attended the presenters were well prepared, spoke clearly and loudly and presented very relevant information. - Harry

As an EMR I occasionally get into a class that is way above me. But I still enjoy it. Michael

The media presentation was very interesting and an eye opener from their standpoint reporting/interviewing at various emergency scene locations – Rick

Moving it to April or May when the weather is better!!! - Michael

Having a longer time for lunch before having to go to the lunchtime class. - Edward

I liked the 'case study' approach that a lot of the classes took. - Andrew

It's a good problem to have, but there were multiple sessions I would have liked to attend that were scheduled concurrent to each other. - James

Great choices in speakers as per the norm. - Timothy

Ben Vernon was absolutely incredible!! He was exactly what our group needed to hear and his story hits home for every one of us in some way. His emotion in his presentation proved his validity over and over again. What a wake up call! – Michael

Every session I attended this year were well done. – Mike

I think all the sessions were worth attending. I learned something from each one. - Thomas