Frequently Asked Questions
... Is the Conference?

All courses at EMS Update 2024 are expected to take place at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, located in Seven Springs Pennsylvania. The resort is located about an hour east of Pittsburgh and three hours west of Philadelphia. The Pennsylvania Turnpike is the easiest method to use to get to the resort. You can take exit 91 - Donegal or 110 - Somerset and follow the well-marked roads. The street address for the resort is 777 Waterwheel Drive, Seven Springs PA 15622

... are the classrooms at Seven Springs?

All of the classrooms are located in the conference center area of the resort. The conference center is adjacent to the hotel.

... Is EMS West?

EMS West has two locations; we are located in Robinson Township, a few minutes from downtown Pittsburgh and near the Pittsburgh International Airport, and our second location is in Kersey Pennsylvania. EMS West is the regional EMS council for sixteen counties in Western Pennsylvania contracted with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to promote and administer the EMS program. For more information, check out

...Do I eat at Seven Springs?

Your lunch is usually included in your course registration fee for each day you attende sessions. Lunch consists of an All-You-Can-Eat buffet, with hot entrees and a number of choices. The famous Seven Springs desserts are included as well. We sell lunch vouchers each day of the conference, so your spouse, friends, etc... can join you (these are at the cost we pay the resort). If you reserve a hotel room at the resort, you receive an admission voucher to their breakfast buffet. If you are still hungry, Seven Springs has a number of restaurants, snack bars, a bakery and a pizza shop.

... is the conference?

EMS Update 2024 will be held March 21 thru March 23, 2024.

... does registration begin?

Registration will open in January 2024.

... can I reserve my hotel room?

Seven Springs is now accepting hotel reservations.

... I bring my spouse/friend/co-worker?

Yes. Unlike some conferences, we do not charge admission to our Exhibit Area. Bring your significant other and they can join you visiting the exhibits and at lunches. Feel free to bring your kids too and make it a family vacation. You must be over 21 years of age to attend events where alcohol is served. There is also enough to do at the resort to keep everyone busy while you are in your classes.

... I get continuing education credit in other states/licenses/certifications?

For the most part - yes. We can supply you with a certificate before you leave the conference and each attendee gets a copy of our program that includes course descriptions and continuing education credits provided by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Health Bureau of EMS. EMS West staff will also work with you to educate your training officer on the courses you have taken.

... I become a faculty member?

We solicit for faculty from July 4 until September 11 each year.

...Do I pay for my hotel room, food, etc at the resort?

Seven Springs Mountain Resort is cashless; they do not accept cash at the hotel. Each of the food establishments only accept credit cards, debit cards or gift cards.

...Do I pay for my conference registration?

WREMS accepts credit cards, checks, money orders and cash for conference registration fees.

...Do I receive con-ed credits?

No matter what region you live in, you will receive your applicable con-ed credits within a few days of the end of the conference. If your expiration date is March 31, 2024, please let a conference staff member know while you are picking up your conference materials.

...Do I pick up my name badge and registration materials?

We do not mail out your registration badge. Registration usually opens at least 30 minutes prior to the first class offering on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Your name badge and registration materials can be picked up at Conference Registration at the resort located near the Grand Ball Room. There will be plenty of signs directing you. Your registration materials contain valuable information on the conference.

What...? the dress code?

We want you to be comfortable in the classes. The temperature in the meeting rooms vary greatly so you should be prepared. When its cold up on the mountain, it can be cold in the classrooms. You can make a lot of contacts at the conference, so you want people to remember you and your ideas, not the clothing your wore. Remember that there are many families at the resort, however, when you choose your wardrobe. You will see many people in suits and ties and just as many people in shorts and t-shirts. Bathing suits are best worn in the pool or hot tub area. Spandex? Well, we won't even go there, ok? the generally accepted behavior?

Over the past several years, the EMS, police and fire professions (and all of public safety) have taken on a new identity in the hearts and minds of the general public. A lot of people see us as heroes, leaders and dedicated individuals. If you act professionally, you will be treated as a professional. We also know that you need to blow off some steam and have some fun. Try to keep both in balance and respect the hundreds of non-EMS personnel who will be at the resort. Please note that the social events, classrooms, dining establishments, all public spaces and all hotel rooms as well as the exhibit hall is NON SMOKING!

...If I have more questions?

Ask. Call us at 412-494-5572. Email us at